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Safeguarding is the act of protecting people’s health, well-being and human rights, and ensuring people live free from harm, abuse and neglect.


Workplace bullying, harassment and aggressive behaviour must be dealt with for the sake of the employee and the business. The outcome of workplace abuse can be highly damaging, with incidents being far too frequent. It can lead to loss of employees, cause legal repercussions and damage companies reputations.


It is important for a company to outline a safeguarding policy and enforce a zero tolerance policy when it comes to workplace abuse. Make it clear that allegations of abuse are taken very seriously. Workers without regulations have no boundaries and no reference for what abusive behaviour constitutes to.


Like kids in a playground – employees sometimes bully each other, with the most prominent form sometimes being the members of staff in a position of power. Those who are overly critical and use aggressive language may see it as an addition of their power in the workplace, but when this behaviour becomes an issue for the employee, it is then an issue for the employer.


Chair of the ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority), Sir Roger Singleton, said “For an employer, recognising developing risk can be extremely difficult especially if the pattern of abusive behaviour develops both in and out of the workplace including, for example, the inappropriate use of social networking.  Through our research, we’ve identified some common warning signs and indicators of risk that relate to the referred individuals and the culture in which they work. These will have clear implications for how employers go about creating a safe environment, raising awareness and encouraging vigilance.”


To view an example of a company safeguarding policy please view the Start Training safeguarding policy by visiting this page and clicking on the ‘view our safeguarding policy’ here.}