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Last week, we hosted some of our current dental nurse apprentice’s at Start Training for a dental nurse workshop. The dental nurse works within the dental team to provide oral health care for a patient. As a dental nurse, they come into close contact with patients of all ages who may be anxious or have other issues and are in need of support and reassurance.

This dental workshop was the theory side of ‘First Aid Essentials’, this unit is a mandatory requirement for the apprenticeship programme and is part of the continuous learning of a dental nurse apprentice. Some other areas covered in the course are; reducing risks to health and safety in the dental setting, the role and responsibilities of a dental nurse, assessment of oral health and treatment planning, dental radiography and many more.

The aim of the workshop was to develop knowledge of first aid and apply it to a variety of emergency situations.

The main objectives were;

  1. To suggest three things that is required in the first aid box.
  2. To define the role of the first aider.
  3. To name five different drugs found in the dental emergency drugs kit and justify the importance of each.
  4. To construct a step by step plan of how to deal with a variety of medical emergencies.

We hope all those who attended found the workshop helpful. A special thanks to our wonderful dental specialist training advisor, Siobhan, for putting on the workshop.

Dental nurse training
Dental nurse training
Dental nurse training

Qualifying as a Dental Nurse is only potentially the first step in a long and successful career. There are many options for Dental Nurses to take these days and being a Dental Nurse has never been so exciting. As a qualified dental nurse you can expand your career prospects by progressing into roles such as dental nurse team manager, team leader, or dental practice manager.

To find out more about the Dental Nurse Apprenticeship with Start Training visit here.